Back Online

Well, I (and my blog) are back online after our year long heroin fuelled bendermoving house (apologies to Lord Feathering-Walthamstone). It's been an interesting (and hectic) week, but things are starting to smooth themselves out.

All this uproar, however, has given me a small chance to relax. Where I am living is close to the beach, and includes a pool - so relaxing is an extremely attractive past-time!

Although I haven't been very eager to get back into my usual routine of trawling the web for interesting tidbits, I did have a chance to sit down yesterdaythe day before yesterday and read Rolling with Rails and become acquainted with Ruby on Rails. The article demonstrates the basics of getting a rails site running quite well, although the Rails' own tutorial on building a TODO application does go into more detail.

Regardless, I'm really impressed and excited by the simplicity and power of Rails.

Incidentally, Amy Hoy has written an interesting (and humorous) /review|commentary|appendix/ to the article titled Really Getting Started in Rails. An interesting read for anyone not fully savvy with Rails.

Still on the topic of Rails, here is an interesting use of XUL with Rails in this schwanky rich client proof-of-concept.

Anyhu, enough of the blatant Rails zealotism! For now anyway...