Blogroll and a small chips kthx

As I've been spending a fair bit of time in my Win2K at home lately, I've been playing around with my options with RSS and the like.

I wasn't overly impressed with Firefox's Live Bookmarks - although they are a great idea, as soon as you have 2-3 feeds, being able to quickly see what's new starts to get tricky. Ideally I wanted alerts for when new items were available too. I looked into some of the other extensions like sage, but didn't really have much luck there either.

However, about this time I remembered that my good pal Zanchey from Internets has been hammering my RSS feed for some time, so checked out what he was using. Expecting some arcane (and, no doubt dying) BSD app, instead I found a schwanky .NET app called SharpReader.

Anyhu, SharpReader has been working great for the past few weeks - easy to manage my feeds, sorting, alerts, etc. It's everything I want.

Today, I came across a feature which I had previously glossed over and found the perfect use for it - Export Subscriptions.

SharpReader allows you to export your list of RSS and Atom feeds as an OPML file - an XML schema for generic structured information. A quick XSLT transformation later and the blogroll you see to the right was born.

Once again, yay for XML. That stuff will never catch on.