You Want Me To Examine What Now?

It seems Dirk managed to sober up long enough find time in his busy holiday schedule today so as that we could meet for coffee. This was a fairly important coffee however, as I am acting as his examiner for his Expressions 2 badge - part of his Queen's Scout Award. For those that haven't been completely indoctrinated with Scouting bravado, the Queen's Scout Award is a fairly prestigious civilian award that is the highest award for the almost-adult Venturer section of the Scout movement. Lots of trendy people have received the award, including that crazy Zanchey guy. There's a lot of work that goes into getting the award, and so I wish Dirk all the best with it!

The particular task that we've set out for his Expressions 2 badge is no small job (and nor should it be) - building from scratch a CMS/intranet system for his Scout group in Ruby on Rails. It's certainly nothing to be sneezed at, and I'm confident that it will challenge him to excel in a variety of skills - not least of all being able to put up with annoying people who want to give him advice.

Anyhu, that heartwarming little campfire yarn did have a point, I promise.

Dirk probably noticed I was pretty confident and sure of what I was "teaching" him today - Building Your Web-App 101. It's worth noting at this juncture that I use the word "teaching" with little right to do so - perhaps the phrase "drinking coffee and jabbering manically about stuff" would be closer to the truth. I feel I should come clean to Dirk - I confess that I had actually already written a bit of a script to run by (and wasn't just winging it. much.). In my defense, I didn't realize at the time that "brushing up" was what I was doing. You see, I've been working on a series of posts since the weekend about precisely the topic we were discussing - the process I currently go through when building a web-application. I didn't even think of the posts in relation to Dirk's project, but I did figure that if anyone would find the posts vaguely interesting, it'd be him.

So, coming up next - what happens when I build a web-application.