SANS, Sunburn and Security

I'm working from home today.

After I went sailing to Rotto on Saturday, I came home and realised "oh snap". Guess which idiot forgot to put sunscreen on his legs? Legs which, I might add, are rare to see the light of day thanks to long pants. Anyhu, the past few days I have been barely able to walk with the skin so tight and red, so I am working from home today. This has it's pros and cons.

Pros, I can sit here working listening to's Chillout Stream and getting distracted.

Cons, I don't get anywhere near as much coffee, and I can get distracted.

Anyhu, getting distracted is often interesting, especially thanks to SANS and the Internet Storm Center. (Unfortunately the ISC's RSS Feed is linked incorrectly off their site, and doesn't contain much information anyway.)

At the bottom of today's ISC Diary I found an interesting read titled "Defeating Encryption" (PDF here, via

It's an interesting read for anyone who works with encryption in any way, and is something worthwhile pointing out to the "SSH is secure so my password's don't have to be" crowd. Although the PDF looks heavily at using strace to sniff the kernel system calls from an encrypted (here SSH) terminal, this is just one look at why encryption as security alone is worthless.

Encryption is just obscuring the data, and security by obscurity (alone) is A Bad Thing(TM).