Free As In Beer

Good lord I need to finish writing some posts and get them on here! A few months ago, I joined port80, went along to Ideas3 (which you would know was totally awesome, had I have actually published the post on it...) and have been lurking on the forums. Unfortunately I have yet to be able to get to the Queens Hotel for one of the monthly meetings. However, I'll now have a compelling reason to go to the next one.

Apparently Myles is buying beers for links to his new project - 88miles. Now that's what I call worthwhile affiliate marketing!

In all honesty, even without a beer I'm more than happy to link to 88miles - I've been playing with it for a few weeks now and it really is simple time tracking without being basic. Oh, and it's full of awesome AJAX-y goodness! The fact that it has a shiny API just ripe for me to connect to the GMM's new invoicing system makes it all the better.

Best of luck with it Myles! I know I'll be purchasing a full account just as soon as I can!