Introducing Achernar Solutions

Things have changed a little since I last posted. This shouldn't be much of a surprise - it was about 9 months ago, and that's a long time. So just what has changed?

  • I'm no longer living in Perth, but I've moved to Lismore, NSW. This was due to wanting a change, and a certain female shaped person who lives there. Yup - chasing skirt rocks!
  • I'm not supposed to trade as Griffin Multimedia over in NSW (as it's a WA business name) so I've just registered a new one - Achernar Solutions. Griffin Multimedia is still alive, and I'm still involved heavily - it's just that for any freelance work in NSW it's now under the new name. New website to follow soon!
  • New blog style. Whoah! This is part and parcel of my blog no longer running inside of my 3+ year old recipe of PHP, XML and Makefiles. It now lives, eats and breathes via the Ruby powered Radiant CMS . It's sexy - go check it out!
  • With moving, I'm no longer working with local schools to provide them with IT support - Danny's taken that over.

But some things stay the same as usual :

  • Still doing a heap of freelance Ruby, Ruby on Rails and other web-development type work;
  • Still doing a heap of Linux server support - both for GMM, and my other clients;
  • Still working on a variety of projects, all web related.

I can't promise that my blog will be updated much more than it used to, but I've already got about 4 posts waiting to be posted, and a bunch of code that needs to see the light of day! Hopefully soon!

Coming soon:

  • New release of pal, including mongrel_cluster support;
  • Ruby code to help with working with Net::HTTP and Content-Encoding (compressed content);
  • Musings about some of my recent projects;
  • Hopefully some project launches too!

So what's with the name?

For a long time, I've loved the Southern Cross - there's something about it as a constellation that's just elegant. I also totally dig the fact that you can use it to find the south celestial pole (and therefore south) - To me it's an elegant hack that gives good results, and is very simple.

However, much lesser known is that the star Achernar sits just about opposite the cross and the pointers . As Achernar sits just on the other side of the celestial pole, using Achernar and the pointers you can easily find the south celestial pole without using the Southern Cross. I really dig the fact the one star that is Achernar is effectively as useful as the whole constellation of Crux. How's that for simplicity!

So, lots of new things happening!