Maybe not so funny...

While browsing through my server logs, I happened upon a rather disturbing find.

Someone searched on Google for "previously on the oc", and somehow ended up here. Slightly bemused and confused, I went looking for the string in question.

Here it is - my subtle and innocent (and pathetically geeky!) play on words that bought that poor person on a wasted trip.

What confuses me the most is that that is the only reference to anything even remotely related to the aforementioned sad excuse for a TV show (and dem's fightin' words!), so why do I rank on the 2nd page for that search string!?

This makes me wonder how many other "innocent jokes" end up skewing Google's results - I guess it's inevitable though. Although slightly unexpected (for me anyway).

On a completely unrelated note, updates are slow currently. We're flat out at work, finishing off the latest and greatest features going into the soon to be updated site. Combine that with moving into our office space, and it's chaos everywhere! As such, don't expect any white hot wit here soon. Try this guy for some BSD fuelled zealotism though!

Again, Offtopic -1, check out ERE Week Two which is Keith Robinson's interesting Emotional Response Experiment.

Finally, just to be a "hip" and "trendy" "dude", I'm going to remind you all that Mozilla Firefox 1.0 was released on Monday, as was Fedora Core 3, now a rather beefy 4 CDs! Go get one of the above now!