The Kleptones - A Night At The Hip-Hopera

This evening, I have been continuing working on some of the new features for the clients I was working for over Christmas - Your Shutterbug. I'm still coming to grips with getting "in the zone" in a new environment, and with kids running around, there is a fair amount of distractions. Regardless, progress is going great, apart from a few delays which are inevitable with any project.

However, this evening, I have had a bit of assistance in the form of The Kleptones - A Night At The Hip-Hopera which comes to me via Jim Menard's post of a similar title.

"A Night At The Hip-Hopera" is an hour-and-a-quarter long brilliant mash-up of rock, disco, ramp, hip-hop, spoken word, and more. It challenges existing copyright laws by borrowing everything. The result is original, exciting, and really fun to listen to.

A lot of the music comes heavily from Queen, with Eminem, Dr. Dre and many other artists thrown in, and is certain to get a few more cycles in my Winamp play-list. Which reminds me, expect a rant about Windows media players in coming posts... Anyhu, the compilation is well worth the download.

I'm enjoying it a damn sight more than The Grey Album, and for that, Your Shutterbug should be all the better.