One of the features that seems to be fairly common among blogging software is that of Pingbacks. For a detailed explanation of how and why, Simon Willison explains quite simply.

As I was having a "night off" tonight, and doing my usual blogtrawl, I came across an article talking about supporting Pingbacks (ironically, via Simon Willison's Blogmarks).

I find it quite fascinating how many of the features used to build a social network for bloggers are now being seen to be quite useful for more "traditional" sites. Regardless, implementing Pingbacks seemed like an interesting venture to look into to occupy my "spare time".

I'm currently half-way there - tonight's efforts resulted in a script to process over my comments, check if Pingbacks have been sent yet, and if the server supports them. cURL comes to the rescue and makes the process quite trivial, as does the Incutio XML-RPC Library.

I've also implemented it such that in cases where the site doesn't have Pingback support, the Referrer: header should still show the owner that I've been linking to them (as discussed by Simon). After all, it's only 1 line of code.

Next batch of free time will hopefully be the implementation of the XML-RPC server to handle Pingbacks to my blog.