Well, I didn't come home with a traffic warden's hat, so I can't confirm mozparty2 was a success in that regard. However, I do remember it all, and as such can confirm good night (tm) status.

Mozparty2 was a great night, and a great chance to meet up with some like minded folks, have food and drinks and generally carry on about the odd geeky things that we do.

It was good to have a chat with Dirk and his mate Lloyd (who, incidentally, is a good friend of another of my friends - Perth is such a small town!), that crazy Zanchey guy, and some old faces from Uni. Unfortunately, I don't actually remember his name, but you know who you are. Maybe.

I haven't had a look at the CDs they were giving out (Gold coin donation - optional for us "poor students") yet - containing Win, Linux and Mac builds of Firefox 1.0 (hurrr), Thunderbird 0.9, OO 1.1.3 and the GIMP 2.2-pre1. I'm quite interested in looking at the new version of GIMP (still using 1.2.5) and seeing just how much of an improvement it is. Reports from mates suggest that it is quite schmick.

Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without the usual zealotism; Zanchey giving out "presents" of FreeBSD (although it was missing the cross and "R.I.P" on the front - shouldn't complain though - saves me a blank!); the usual KDE vs. GNOME arguments; MS vs OS; et al. Generally though, everyone was in high spirits and all the men present and thoroughly good women were had all the time (apologies to Ronnie Barker and his "Minister for Mispronunciation" skit).

Anyhu, photos can be found here.