Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide

Updated 17Dec2004 23:25

Yesterday, my Programming Ruby book arrived from ELX, and I am quite impressed. (If interested, the first edition is available for free in HTML format.)

I've been looking forward to reading this book, not least for the fact it was written by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt, the Pragmatic Programmers. After reading their excellent book, The Pragmatic Programmer, I figured I'd be in for a great combination of technology, concise explanations and a touch of subtle humor. I haven't been disappointed.

In fact, I am not sure what I am enjoying more - the amazement at some of the features of Ruby, or the writing. Both are pretty awesome.

Aside from this, I've also been working in cahoots with Craig on some very cool Flash stuff he has been working on. The MiniBAT was his handy work, with much of it driven by that 'orrible XML stuff. I get to tag along for the fun when Flash starts talking to the server side scripts and such for some fairly cool features. Hopefully, we'll be rolling those out next week.

My hatred for Flash aside, I must admit that I am quite impressed by the ease at which Craig has been able to bring in the XML and communicate with our servers.

Well, tonight I am relaxing, so some music and Programming Ruby sounds pretty good to me!

Added: Finally, a Thank You to the amazing Zanchey, and his 1337 blog-breaking skills. Always nice when someone just walks in and starts trashing your output. Ah well, another bug fixed...