Initial Release of RailsVH

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been trying out Ben's Rails Browser to make life a little easier when working with Rails applications. It's a really useful tool for jumping through your app quickly to make changes, without having 6,000 xterms open.

However, as I love to tinker and use Rails for my current prototyping work (the prototype will show whether the end application will be built in Rails) I tend to have 5 or 6 Rails applications that I work on within short spaces of time. With the way Ben uses environment variables to configure rb, this becomes quite a hassle. RailsVH is my tool to make my life easier.

RailsVH is a wrapper script for rb to make working with multiple Rails applications simple. (The VH is for Virtual Hosts, as this is how things are set up in my case. The naming is purely arbitrary though).

In my case, I have a Work subdirectory in my home, in which I symlink to all of my projects. rails_vh (the script) takes this symlink name (directory name) and prepares rb, optionally launches the WEBrick server and starts up rb ready to bash out some sweet sweet Rails code.

Read more about the script on the project page or get the tarball now.