Rainbow Ninja

Over the past few days, Danny, Craig and myself have been having a bit of a "dev party" - sitting around in Craig's air-conditioned lounge room and programming until the small hours.

With the weather being as it has been (humid, mid 30's. Christmas Day was 35 with a thunderstorm IIRC), the air-con was very nice.

As well as working on projects for GMM (and lapping up the air-con), Danny mentioned an idea for a project that he had a while back. A sort of del.icio.us, but for colour schemes. We discussed it, and decided that we would built it. It didn't seem like a huge amount of work, and it seemed useful enough, so Danny set about building it. Craig and I tore ourselves away from the air-con just long enough to throw our comments in every now and again.

Anyhu. I am now very happy to be able to announce the first release of Rainbow Ninja colour scheme archive!

It's by no means complete, and this guy will probably break something within the first 5 minutes (as is his want), but it's there.

One feature that we are all quite proud of is Ninja Harikari, our bookmarklet to automagically add sites to the database. There's still work to be done in the code to process remote stylesheets (the main bit I worked on) but it's pretty :cool:. Currently, the main limitation is that it won't load other CSS files from @import rules in CSS files. If the @import is in the HTML, sure, we pick that up, but we don't cascade down through the linked CSS files... yet...

If you find it useful or whatever, please drop us a note via email or in the comments here. Same for bug reports.