The New Adventures of Aurora Software

Well, it's been a long time between drinks at this blog. To be honest, that's partially because not much noteworthy has been happening.

Let me rephrase that. In actual fact, I've been busy with lots of interesting things, none of which I've had anything interesting to say. So, a brief run-down.

That bottom point is the biggest one, and the reason for this post.

A few years ago when I was working with insilico (or, as it was still known, o'neill software), Paul introduced me to a guy who I immediately got along with. Paul's comfy office chairs made it far too easy to sit around and chat, and our discussions ranged across a variety of topics - our shared love of Bucky, new technology, business, the environment, and sometimes simply inane conversations about nothing.

Anyhu, fast forward to 2008, and Rik and I started throwing around the idea of coming together to form a business; at the time we were both finding our respective freelance gigs a little isolating, and noticing the problems of flying solo - needing to do everything ourselves, not having colleagues to throw ideas around with, and being overlooked for larger jobs where the risk of a solo developer was just too great.

So, we started working it all out - looking at what we were passionate about, how we wanted to do business, and formulating the very best environment in which two geographically disparate developers could work together closely. We learned a lot in this process - a lot about ourselves, a lot about each other, and a lot about dealing with a 2-3hr time difference across flakey Internet connections. In short, we had a blast.

Finally, almost 3 weeks ago - the 9th of March 2009 - we launched Aurora Software to the world.

Rik and I are both passionate about Ruby, and as such, Aurora Software is focussing on Web Development with Ruby on Rails. Furthermore, we're openly embracing all of the best practices we love - test driven development, pair programming (a post on this soon, hopefully), keeping things agile, and writing elegant code.

So, that's my news…

Please head over to the Aurora Software website and check things out.

Super special thanks to George Atherley (of TMIAS fame) who worked with us over the past few months to sort out a kick-ass design for the site and logo. I can only imagine that we were probably the worst client he has had to deal with for a while, but he handled it admirably - he never once told us our ideas were stupid (even when they were), but rather he just smiled and waited for us to realise that, yes, he really did know best!