Getting Up An Hour Earlier!?!? Damn Timezones!!!

UPDATED 27 November 2006. Yeah, not quite dead over here...

As there more astute of you might have noticed, WA is about to get daylight savings. Personally I don't care either way on the matter, but it's still turned Jason into the much lamented "AngstyJason v.2.0" (because everything has to be v2.0...)

I really don't care about daylight savings, so why all the angst? Because I use a computer, and I also happen to run a variety of servers, and a variety of software. I'm angsty because we get 7 days to check that everything is going to handle the timezone change nicely... If they wanted to bring in daylight savings, they really should have been debating this 6 months ago! Some of our software needs to know that the minute before daylight saving starts and the minute after daylight saving starts are next to one another - otherwise there's a whole hour of unaccountable time. Most libraries worth their salt can already handle all of this, but the timezone information needs to be up to date.

Anyhu, ranting aside, Dan passed this to me today, which at least fixes my Windows breed of angst - Windows fix for the Perth 2006/2007 Daylight Savings.

Now, to work out whether there are Linux timezone info files floating about, or if I have to try and work out how to do that by hand...

(Oh, comments are off thanks to SPAMming bastards... Might turn them back on if I ever set up a new blog...)

UPDATE: It seems that I'm not alone in calling "WTF" on this - even the ISC has something to say.