Where All The Love Be At?!?!

Yup, I know what you're thinking... He's over the whole blogging thing. Had to happen - it's not like he had anything to say anyway...

Sorry. I won't give you the satisfaction of that. Things have just been hectic. Besides, I have been posting - just not on any server connected to the net...

You see, since October, I've been working on a new system for my blog. Well, more a new system for helping me manage life in general. It's one part blog, one part wiki, one part time management. Oh, and a dash of "excuse to work with RoR". So, all of my new posts have been going into there, but as it isn't live yet you can't read them. Ah well, them's the breaks I guess.

So why do you care? Well, because hopefully, this new system will let me present a whole heap of extra information about the things I do. I want to be able to pass on more information than just a blog of when I have time to form complete thoughts - I want to bring together all of the distributed services I use into one spot (for both your interest and mine). From del.icio.us to the RSS feeds I read, to half-baked thoughts that I have on some odd subject.

Now all that sounds a bit egotistical. After all, why the hell would you care about what I am looking at? Well, it's really just a side effect of me being overly controlling and a little bit obsessive - I don't care whether you can find my information - I care whether I can find my information, and if I'm already sorting it all out, why shouldn't I pass it on?

Currently I have information spread across a variety of different locations - this blog, del.icio.us, Ta-da Lists, my Palm, Google Reader, text files and Wikis. This is, obviously, a nightmare to keep track of and a nightmare to build relationships from. But what do I mean by relationships? I mean that if I find a post from one of the sites I read which is useful, how do I keep track of it? What other stuff have I read related to it? A blog post about Ruby on Rails is related to my del.icio.us links to ruby+rails, and is related to my own post on Ruby on Rails. If I've linked to someone else's blog, how did I find that link? Was it via a RSS feed? Who's site?

We all have a damn lot of information floating around, and we all have different ways of coping (or not coping!). Right now, I'm not coping with the tools I have, so it's time to find (or build) a new way.