Rails Browser Virtual Host Wrapper (rails_vh)

Current Version: 1.1.1 06Mar2005 [Permalink]

This is a wrapper (bash) script for making it simpler to use Ben Sinclair's Ben's Rails Browser application when you work on multiple Rails applications.

Release post (and comments)




Place rails_vh somewhere in your path and make sure they're executable. You will need to edit the two variables at the top of the script (marked with CONFIGURATION) to tell it where things are.

ROOT - The root directory where all your rails applications are stored. I have a directory with Symlinks to all of my current projects to make it easy to find them. rails_vh uses these directory names to find the application you want.

RBPATH - The path to Ben Sinclair's application (rb). If everything is set up nicely (ie. rb in the path) you can just have rb with no path.

Of course, if you don't have bash, you should probably change the first line to your shell of choice. I can't confirm everything will work though - if you do make the change, please let me know any problems you hit.


This is just a wrapper script for Ben Sinclair's Ben's Rails Browser , which you can get from his website at http://blog.bensinclair.com/Blog/view/136.


Run the script using:

rails_vh directory

Where directory is the directory your application is stored in under the ROOT variable set above. For instance, to work on a project in the "goodwork.com" directory, you just type:

rails_vh goodwork.com

Optionally, you can add the --server argument after the directory to fork an xterm running the WEBrick server for this application. Again, if you don't have xterm (on a Mac maybe?) then please let me know what changes you make.

The usual --version and --help arguments will also give you useful information.